Our history

Brama LTD is a family owned company, that operates in the area of sunflower seed processing. Based in central Bulgaria, the factory is equipped with modern machinery covering all stages in the production of refined sunflower oil and sunflower kernels.


First press

First press for crude sunflower oil was brought into service in the industrial town of Gabrovo.


Batch extraction plant

Expansion and installing batch extraction plant for production of high-protein sunflower meal.


Refinery facility

Building a modern refinery facility for production of high quality refined sunflower oil.


PET bottling

Introducing a PET bottling line for bottles of 1, 5 and 10 Liters.


New rosedowns

Modernization of the pressing plant with new Rosedowns – Desmet Ballestra press.


New peeling plant

Construction of new plant for peeling sunflower kernels and sunflower husk pellets. The plant includes de-hulling lines, color sorting, packaging, temperature controlled warehouse, sunflower husk pellet mill.



More storage facilities

Increasing storage facilities for sunflower seeds, sunflower oil and sunflower meal.


Brand new pellet press

Modernization of the sunflower husk production plant and introducing brand new pellet press and packaging line for 15 kg bags.


200 KW solar panel system

Moving further into sustainable energy consumption and renewable energy sources. Construction of 200 KW solar panel system for the company’s own needs.



We can all play a role in the sustainability revolution and the strive for a better, cleaner and greener planet. We at Brama have identified several key points that have helped us reduce our carbon footprint and assist us in our goal for sustainable development.

Clean sourcing

The sunflower seeds that we put into the production are carefully selected and grown solely on Bulgarian soil. Shortening the food miles for sourcing our raw material has been one of the key steps for decreasing the carbon footprint of our company. We are working only with trusted and verified partners who are using environmentally friendly fertilisers and ensure that there are no GMO in the sunflower seeds they provide.

Clean operations

Throughout the years we’ve made effort to optimise our production process and utilise all by-products specific to the production of sunflower oil and sunflower kernels. One of the leftovers from pressing the seeds is sunflower cake. Our extraction plant allows to take out the remaining oil, and turn it into high protein, nutritious animal feed. To produce energy or steam, we are using the hulls from the sunflower seeds as fuel for the sunflower oil press.

Clean energy

The sources of the energy we use matter too. We are installing solar power systems for our own needs with capacity of 200 kW. The goal is to increase this number to 1000 kW by 2025. We also use our sunflower husk pellets production line: the pellets are a renewable energy source that have high caloric value and are excellent solution for industrial and home use. By using them we decrease reliance on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gases.