Why choose our products?

With great care and attention to every detail, through the implementation of innovative technologies, we develop 100% natural products that reach you ready and fresh for use, according to the needs of your company.

We, at Brama OOD, are a family company based in central Bulgaria, established in 1993. Our long-term experience in the field ranks us among the leading manufacturers of products of international quality.
The production of our products is based on sustainable practices, therefore all the sunflower seeds we use are grown on Bulgarian soil and do not contain GMOs. Our care for nature is reflected in the clean processing, as well as in the optimization of the energy used, by implementing solar energy systems, so that we can offer a high quality end product with a minimal harmful footprint.
Here, you can find crude and refined sunflower oil, sunflower kernels, sunflower husk pellets and sunflower meal (suitable for feed).
From our establishment until now, our pursuit of development and desire to provide an excellent end product has not subsided! That is exactly why we are constantly looking for ways to improve and rely on high-end technologies as well as implemented quality control systems of the latest generation.
Our company approaches every inquiry with care and personal attention, so we are happy to have a large network of long-term customers and partners. Contact us to get a free consultation and prepare a personalized offer based on your business needs.