Who We Are

Brama is a privately held company, that operates in the area of sunflower seed processing. Based in central Bulgaria, the factory is equipped with modern machinery covering all stagesĀ for producing refined sunflower oil and sunflower kernels.

Since its establishment in 1993, Brama has continuously pursued growth and improvement of its production facilities to reach annual processing capacity of more than 30 000 MT sunflower seeds.

Our History

Our Journey begins in 1993, with a small production line for unrefined sunflower oil. Learning from mistakes gave us the foundations and confidence to grow steadily and continuously build-up on existing knowledge.

Steadily gaining experience and improving our quality, led to gaining new customers and increased demand towards our products.

New investments lead to improving the quality of our products and the production capacities.

We saw opportunity and introduced sunflower kernels and sunflower shell pellet fuel into our portfolio. After mastering the production processes in order to constantly provide high quality, we felt comfortable in expanding our international markets.

  • Pressing & Extraction Plant

    Pressing & Extraction Plant

    This is the first step of sunflower oil production process. Using modern english press machinery unrefined sunflower oil is derived. The sunflower cake is then transported to the extraction plant to derive the remaining oil.

    The by-product is high protein sunflower meal.

  • Oil Refinery and Bottling Plant

    Oil Refinery and Bottling Plant

    Using continuous oil refinery provides superiour quality refined sunflower oil. It removes unpleasant smell and other undesired factors from the oil. The high quality refined oil proceeds to the bottling line where it is packaged in 1, 5 or 10 L PET bottles.

  • Sunflower Husk Pellets Plant

    Sunflower Husk Pellets Plant

    The sunflower husk that remains after the seed is peeled, is used for production of pellet fuel. The plant capacity is 20 MT of production per day.

  • Storage Facilities

    Storage Facilities

    The company owns storage facilities for sunflower seeds (30 000MT), tanks for refined and unrefined sunflower oil ( 2 000 MT), and refrigerated warehouse for packaged sunflower kernels (200 MT).

  • Chemical Laboratory

    Chemical Laboratory

    Our laboratory technicians run daily test, to guarantee the products meet the high quality and standards set.

  • Sunflower Kernels Plant

    Sunflower Kernels Plant

    We have four sunflower kernel production lines. The product is proccessed with colour sorting machines, ensuring premium quality and purity of the seeds.